about the artist

I am a self-proclaimed painter. I did not go to art school, but I did follow many painting and drawing courses, both in the Netherlands and in Italy.

Before I started painting, I worked for the Dutch government as a speechwriter and communications consultant. I graduated in public administration. An interesting career in which I learned a lot, but painting was actually my true love. So I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to paint.

Painting is a learning process in itself. I try to reach beyond my possibilities. I always look for new approaches. Painting should never become a trick. I have to keep trying new ways. The flip side of the coin is that paintings often fail. But I do learn from them. Sometimes I immediately see what I have learned. Sometimes it only dawns on me years later.

As a painter, I am usually struggling. But sometimes there is an invisible third hand that adds to what my own hands do. Then it becomes clear to me where all the struggle should lead to. Call it flow. Or inspiration.

I can’t force the flow, but when I feel its presence, I am almost always satisfied with the results of my work. Then I offer the painting for sale. First I put it on this website and then I also put it in my newsletter (Atelierbericht) and on Instagram and other social media.

I almost always work in oil on canvas. The size of my canvases varies from 9x12inch to 32x39inch. Sometimes I paint on paper. My subjects are seascapes, landscapes, flower still lifes, mostly. A few years ago, I also painted cows. The rare Dutch species Lakenvelders are my favorites. Most of the subjects I've ever picked up come back sooner or later.

The North Sea coast is an important source of inspiration. Since I was a kid I have been going to the North Sea beach. My landscapes were Italian for a while, but are increasingly inspired by the Dutch countryside. Flowers always encourage me to paint them: poppies, tulips, roses and coneflowers.

When looking at my landscapes, people often ask: "where is this?". Then I tell them that you cannot find it on GoogleMaps. The painting is often a collection of impressions I have acquired. This also applies to the flowers and the cows: I try not to reproduce them, but I try to represent what I experience as their essence.

When I paint, I mentally make the leap outside from the calm of my studio. With sketches and photos as support points, I try to imagine what it looks like on the beach or on land. Better said: how my mind's eye sees the outdoors. The perception once made goes through a filter of time, distance, memory and imagination. Only then does paint get on the canvas.

That is why I rarely paint ‘en plein air’. Then you sit outside and the landscape you want to paint comes very close. It tempts me to literally paint everything. This is fun, but mainly as an exercise.

There is a lot of other work to do around painting: exhibitions, marketing, sales, communication, networking, et cetera. I am an independent artist, so I have to do it all by myself. This website is an example: design, photos, text, I do everything myself.

There is no revenue model behind all this. I would like my paintings to be affordable for people with little money to spend. Moreover, I have to take into account that the wealthy spend on average little money on art by an unknown artist.

As an independent artist, I also have my own Living Gallery. I have been putting this concept into practice since 2012. An important step was to have professional gallery lighting applied. Exhibitions in the Living Gallery are usually by appointment.

If you live / are in the Netherlands, feel free to make an appointment to view my work. You can reach me through the channels below.

If you have any questions, advice, comments, please let me know.

Selfportraits: a selfie, edited in different ways with Photoshop and Procreate, to convey different moods: