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About the artist

Anet Verdonk is a Dutch painter. She lives and works in Utrecht, a historic town in the heart of the Netherlands.
Anet grew up in Haarlem, near the North Sea coast. As a girl, she loved to go to the beach by bike, especially in the autumn, winter and early spring, when there were no sunbathers to spoil the view.


Seascapes and landscapes are important subjects. The horizon - the point beyond which we cannot see - symbolises longing and the wonder for what might lie beyond that line. It is called Fernweh in German. Fern means far and weh means pain. It evokes the unknown in our lives and in our future.


A painting by Anet Verdonk represents something in the world around us, but it isn’t always what is seems. She gives reality a twist, by changing forms and colours. At times making the picture ambiguous. And leaving it to the viewer to decide what they see.


About her work she says: “I always start painting from some inner motivation, some sort of inner drive. Although I never start painting to please people, when a painting is finished, I hope people will love it and feel comfortable enough around it to make it theirs.”


Anet is largely a self-taught artist, although she has taken lessons abroad - in Italy - and in her hometown Utrecht.

She worked as a copywriter, speechwriter and consultant, before devoting herself to true passion, painting.